The Whitesburg Pediatric Dentistry Philosophy

We provide the kids and special needs populations of Huntsville and the surrounding area with the best dental care around.

As a specialty, pediatric dentistry is unique because our patient population has specific needs. Not only does Whitesburg Pediatric Dentistry provide optimal dental care, but we help to develop a positive patient/dentist relationship based on trust and emotional support.

Going to the dentist does not have to be stressful and scary, and we believe we can deliver great dental care in a fun and encouraging environment!

Helping Little Smiles Grow Healthy and Strong, One Child at a Time

Dr. Christopher Parker and his team are honored to care for children: helping each develop optimal oral health and establish a lifetime of good dental hygiene practices.

Our approach is simple: to treat each child as an individual, respecting their unique emotional and mental needs, and finding ways to connect in a friendly, nurturing manner.

We excel at creativity, and are infinitely patient and kind. It’s common to find Dr. Parker or one of our staff crouched next to an anxious child, chatting about superheroes or princesses, and asking about their best friend or favorite game.

We do this because it reassures children that we care about them and what they have to say, which helps worried kids relax and feel safe. We also do this because we really do want to get to know them and learn who they are!

  • Our Doctor: Dr. Parker is a Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentists. In order to achieve this certification, he underwent evaluation and testing by the board to ensure he is providing the best care for his patients. Both patients and their parents can rest assured that Dr. Parker is offering them both state-of-the-art and tried-and-true pediatric dental care. Beyond his specialized training and experience, Dr. Parker is a parent and dedicated to caring for each of his young patients as if they were his own child!
  • Our Atmosphere: Our inviting and open office is a kid-friendly space, filled with bright colors and lots of laughter from our patients, family, and staff. While we’re serious about providing top-notch care, we’re just as serious about ensuring a fun and enjoyable experience for each child at every visit!
  • Our Focus: We spend a lot of time teaching children and parents about oral health: how it affects overall wellness, and what needs to be done to keep smiles healthy and bright. Using a range of non-threatening techniques, we walk through brushing and flossing, talk about nutrition and exercise, and encourage good habits. These lessons can last a lifetime — for a lifetime of healthy smiles!

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Dr. Parker and the Whitesburg Pediatric Team would be honored to help your children grow up with healthy smiles and a passion for maintaining their oral health. Please contact our Huntsville, AL pediatric dental office to schedule your child’s next visit with Dr. Parker today!

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